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2.0 Sniper Marksman

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Marksman Sniper

Last Updated on 5/06/2013. Current for game version 2.0

Stats and Gear
DPS Parses

1.0 Terminology


AoEArea of EffectBiSBest in Slot
CCCrowd ControlDotDamage over Time
DPCTDamage per Cast TimeDPEDamage per Energy
DPSDamage per SecondDRDiminishing Returns
EngEngineeringGDCGlobal Cooldown
IAImperial AgentLethLethality
PvEPlayer vs EnvironmentPvPPlayer vs Player

For a full list about mirrored abilities check out Sol's thread on MMO-Mechanics

Mirrored Terminology

Imperial Agent --> Smuggler Imperial Agent --> Smuggler
AmbushAimed ShotSnipeCharged Burst
Ballistic ShieldScrambling FieldAdrenaline ProbeCool Head
Shield ProbeDefense ScreenCover PulsePulse Detonator
EntrenchHunker DownShatter ShotFlourish Shot
Rifle ShotFlurry of BoltsFollowthroughTrickshot
Laze TargetSmugglers LuckOrbital StrikeXS Freighter Flyby
Series of ShotsSpeed ShotTakedownQuickdraw
Target AcquiredIllegal ModsCovered Escape
Posted Apr 16, 13 · OP · Last edited May 6, 13
1.1 Stats and Gear

For a detailed list of the stat calculations in 2.0 head over to this post by oofalong on MMO Mechanics

Stat Priorities
Accuracy100% / 110%
Alacrity100 - 150~4%
Critical Rating50 - 15025%
Surge Rating65% - 70%

Accuracy - Minor changes were made to Accuracy in Update 2.0 giving it a greater necessity for all dps classes, not just those dual wielding. Because of these changes it's best to shoot for that 110% soft cap for ranged accuracy to insure that as few of your attacks as possible miss.

Alacrity - Several changes were made in 2.0 to Alacrity making it a viable stat for all DPS classes. The biggest changes for Sniper are that Alacrity now reduces the GDC, and increases energy gain. Meaning that with Alacrity our energy management is much easier to maintain, making sustained DPS much easier.

Critical Rating - The stat gains from crit were drastically reduced in 2.0. Roughly a 5% drop in Critical chance with 300 Crit rating, making it a less viable stat. Some guides are saying to forgo Crit all together and just stack power. It is important to note that your VERY FIRST point of Crit is still worse then one point of power.
jmdatcs @ MMO Mechanics wrote:
Given: 70% Surge, 15% from Imperial Assassin estimate, 2400 DPS before crits.
1 Point of power = .428 DPS
First point of crit = .422 DPS
58th Point of cirt = .403 DPS

Given: 65% Surge, 15% Imperial Assassin estimate, 2400 DPS before crits.
1 Point of power = .424 DPS
First point of crit = .403 DPS
58th point of crit = .379 DPS
Link to write-up

The lower your DPS the worst crit gets. Because of this, Crit is utterly useless for a Sniper and can basically be ignored for power. HOWEVER, I think it's important to note that these are calculations, and while SWTOR is based on math, it is a simulation not a math problem. Meaning that on paper the stats say one thing, yet in practice they can be very different. That is why I am still advocating that you stack between 50 and 150 crit and shoot for that 25% mark without wasting too many points.

Surge Rating - Because we have so many talents boosting the bonus damage of our primary abilities, Surge Rating isn't that important. Though you should still try to keep it around 70%.

Cunning - At my last calculation, Cunning is still .2 points behind Power. However, Snipers get a 9% increase to Cunning making it a better stat in my opinion. It also will help you increase your Critical Chance without wasting points in crit.

Power - As before, power is still a raw increase to DPS and should sill be stacked heavilly alongside Cunning once your other stats are at their goal.

Graph of stats: Sniper Stats 2.0

The graph makes an unusual jump towards the end, that's because it stops incrementing from 25 points per stat to 100.

Gear Options

With Update 2.0 several changes were made to Set Bonuses. First, all bonuses are now tied to the armoring. Which is great for vanity, and terrible for DPS. Why you ask? Because now we have no option but to get the 4 piece PvE set bonus.

(2) Reduces the cooldown of Target Acquired by 15 seconds, and activating either ability restores 15 energy.
(4) Reduces the energy cost of Takedown by 7.

Get it, there's no reason not to. Its free, doesn't restrict your look. If you see a BiS sniper without a set bonus for the love of god call them out on it.

Armorings - Theres only one option. Skill Armorings, Get the highest level you can. And remember, armorings are bound to the slot they are removed from (in all cases).

Mods - For the most part, you should only need Artful Mods, but there are a few other options if you need to max other stats.

Advanced Artful Mod 31

Advanced Keen Mod 30A

Enhancements - Any stats not maxed out by an earpiece or implant should be top priority in your enhancement slot.

Advanced Acute Enhancement 31

Advanced Adept Enhancement 31

Advanced Battle Enhancement 31

Advanced Initiative Enhancement 31

Advanced Insight Enhancement 31

Advanced Proficient Enhancement 31

Barrel - Same as armorings. Pick up the highest skill barrel you can.

Color Crystal - Power crystals.

Advanced Purple Hawkeye Crystal

Earpiece & Implants - Several options, depending on what stats you need, way too many to list infact. The main thing that you need to look out for is that the Cunning stat MUST be higher then the Endurance stat. If its not, pick a new ear piece.

Relics - Currently, the theory is to pick up two pvp relics; Conqueror Relic of Serendipitous Assault.
On Hit: Healing an ally or performing a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance to grant 435 Power for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.

As it stands (2.0 Patch) these two pvp versions will stack, because they do not have a shared proc cool down. So with two of them, you have to potential to increase your power by ~800 for 6 seconds every 20 seconds. Personally, I like proc relics because it doesn't require me to remember to use them; they're just always there doing their thing.

In the future, Bioware will probably fix this so they share a cooldown together. At which point I'll update with a new combo of relics.

Augments - Stack cunning. The 9% boost makes it a more viable option then Power.

Advanced Skill Augment 28
Posted Apr 17, 13 · OP · Last edited May 6, 13
1.2 Build

I use a 36/5/5 Build as opposed to a 36/7/3 build. I like the additional Alacrity that I get from the Lethality tree.



2/2 Deadly directive - Increases Alacrity by 2%
Alacrity helps energy management, and reduces the GDC of instant ability in 2.0, on top of reducing the activation time. Putting two points here reduces the amount of alacrity needed in gear.

3/3 Lethality - Increase ranged and tech critical chance by 3%
Crit numbers were drastically reduced in 2.0 making stacking it virtually useless. Putting 3 points here gives you a flat 3% boost without having to stack an extra 100 or so crit rating.


2/2 Energy Tanks - Increases maximum energy by 10
Simple, more energy means more resources to spend shooting things in the face.

3/3 Gearhead - Increases cunning by 9%
Massive boost to primary stat, helps crit chance out as well, again reducing the number of points required to put into your crit rating.

2/2 Ballistic Dampers - Entering cover grants 3 charges that absorb 30% damage. Can only happen once every 6 seconds.
As a marksman, you should be entering cover every 6 to 8 seconds giving you an almost constant 30% damage reduction. I'll go over why this is later while covering the rotation.

2/2 Steady Shots - Increases damage of Snipe and Series of shots by 6%
Raw damage increase to two of your most used abilities. Nuff said.

3/3 Marksmanship - Increase ranged and tech accuracy by 3%
Any time you dont have to waste points in things like crit, surge, accuracy or alacrity is good. It means you can dump more into power and cunning and power and cunning are awesome.

0/1 Heavy Shot - Ambush knocks back a target by 10 meters
DO NOT under any circumstances get this. Its a pvp or pve leveling move that has no place in end game. It is one of the most annoying things ever for melee to have a mob knocked back. Do your raid a favor and just say no.

2/2 Cover Screen - Exiting cover has a 100% chance to increase ranged defense by 20% for 6 seconds
Each time you leave cover to move you'll gain a 20% increase to ranged defense. This is a great help any time you have to move to avoid damage. (Helps a lot in the Cartel Warlords fight of S&V)

2/2 Precision Ambush - Ambush ignores 20% of the targets armor
Staple damage boost.

0/2 Imperial Demarcation - Reduces the cooldown of legshot by 1.5 seconds
Shouldn't be using leg shot much. PVP ability thats fairly useless in PVE.

2/2 Snap shot - Entering cover has a 100% chance to make the next snipe activate instantly. Can only occur once every 6 seconds
This is why we're exiting and leaving cover all the time. Even during a tank and spank fight. More about this in the rotation

0/1 Diversion - Reduces a targets accuracy by 45% for 9 seconds. Doesn't work on operation bosses.
Cant use it on the mobs that count so its useless. Great for PVP though.

2/2 Zeroing Shots - Snipe reduces the activation time of Ambush by 20%. Stacks 2 times
This is a big reason why we use Snipe at all. Ambush is the burst damage ability with a long cast time, so reducing that by 40% drops it by roughly half a second.

2/2 Between the eyes - Increases Crit chance of Snipe, Series of Shots, and Followthrough by 4%, also increases armor penetration by 10%
Damage increase to 3 primary abilities and a base increase to armor penetration, can't go wrong with that.

1/1 Sector Ranger - Cover pulse knocks back 2 additional meters. Reduces the activation of Orbital Strike by 1 second
Orbital isn't really in the rotation, but reducing its activation is nice none the less.

1/1 Rapid Fire - Reduces the cooldown of Ambush and Series of Shots by 3 seconds.
These are two of your biggest damaging abilities. But more importantly they both proc Followthrough which is huge.

1/1 Sniper's Nest - Increases energy regeneration by 1 per second while in Cover
This, combined with the changes to alacrity make energy management much easier in 2.0

2/2 Recoil Control - Series of Shots is channeled 30% faster. Activating Series of shots, Ambush, Take down, or 2x Snipe removes the cooldown of followthrough.
Biggest change to MM and completely changes the rotation. We can now activate followthrough after almost every ability. And that is amazing for dps output. It also gives us some mobility if the final phase of a boss requires movement because followthrough doesn't require you to be in cover.

1/1 Followthrough - Deals x damage to the target. Can only be used within 5 seconds of Snipe, Ambush, Takedown, or Series of Shots.
Money maker. Should be mashing your hotkey for this right after every ability that procs it because it goes off almost instantly.

2/2 Pillbox Sniper - Reduces the cooldown of Entrench and Orbital strike by 15 seconds
Again, Orbital isnt really part of the rotation, but that reduced cooldown still helps and is great for clearing trash.

2/2 Seek Cover - When entrench ends you gain 50% movement speed and become immune to movement imparing effects for 6 seconds.
With the addition of Covered Escape, this gives snipers a much needed boost to maneuverability allowing them to get to a required position quickly.

3/3 Imperial Assassin - Increases critical damage of Series of shots, Takedown, and Followthrough by 30%
Free bump to surge of 3 primary abilities.

2/2 Siege Bunker - Reduces all aoe damage by 60% while entrench is active
For those of you keeping score, this is a 60% reduction to aoe, 30% reduction for 3 hits, and a 20% ranged defense increase.

1/1 Muzzle Fluting - Follow through reduces the energy cost of the next 2 Snipes by 5
Followthrough should be going of every few seconds, there is no reason why this should not be up 100% of the time.

1/1 Headshot - Increases critical chance of Takedown and Series of shots by 15%, additionally reduces their energy cost by 3
Staple damage boost.

1/1 Portable Bunker- Increases the duration of Entrench by 3 seconds. Additionally activating Cover Escape grants Entrench for 3 seconds
These points could be put into Debilitating Shots if you are the designated armor reducer. Otherwise having them here gives you additional defenses after using Covered Escape.
1/1 Sniper Volley - Clears the cooldown of Series of shots. Increases energy regeneration by 2, and increases alacrity by 10%. Lasts 15 seconds.
Nice cooldown for your burst rotation to get out back to back Series of shots.
Posted Apr 17, 13 · OP · Last edited May 6, 13
1.3 Abilities

Defensive, Offensive, Filler, Cooldown

Counter Measures - Reduces threat by a moderate amount. (You will be using this in 2.0)

Ballistic Shield - 10 Meter Shield that reduces all damage by 20% for 10 seconds. (No longer goes away if you leave cover)

Cover Pulse - Knock back enemies by several meters and roots them for 5 seconds.

Entrench - Grants immunity to all controlling effects for 20 seconds.

Shield Probe - Absorbs a moderate amount of damage for 15 seconds.

Evasion - Increases dodge chance by 100% for 3 seconds.

Escape - Removes all controlling effects

Covered Escape - Rolls forward 18 meters and drops you into cover

Series of Shots - 20 Energy, 15 Second cooldown. Ranged attack with Energy Damage.

Followthrough - 5 Energy, 9 Second cooldown.. Ranged attack with Energy Damage

Ambush - 15 Energy, 15 Second cooldow, 2.5 second activation. Ranged attack with Energy Damage

Snipe - 20 Energy, 1.5 second activation. Ranged attack with Energy Damage

Takedown - 15 Energy, 12 Second cooldown. Ranged attack with Energy Damage

Orbital Strike - 30 Energy, 60 Second cooldown, 3 second activation. Tech Attack with Elemental Damage

Corrosive Dart - 16 Energy. Tech Attack with Internal Damage.

Rifle Shot - Basic Attack. Ranged attack with Energy Damage

Explosive Probe - 25 Energy, 30 Second cooldown. Tech attack with Kinetic Damage

Shatter shot - 10 Energy, 4.5 Second cooldown. Reduces target armor by 20% for 45 seconds

Laze Target - Increases crit chance of the next snipe by 100%

Sniper Volley - Clears the cooldown of Series of shots. Increases energy regeneration by 2, and increases alacrity by 10%. Lasts 15 seconds

Target Acquired - 120 Second Cooldown, Increases ranged and tech accuracy by 30%, increases armor penetration by 15%
Posted Apr 17, 13 · OP · Last edited Apr 17, 13
1.4 Rotation

First, I notice a lot of snipers that don't utilize cover to its full extent; and I don't just mean entering cover. There are very specific reasons to enter cover constantly for defensive and offensive reasons. But first let me go over the rotation.

Opening RotationStandard RotationBurst Rotation
1) Laze Target
2) Enter Cover
3) Orbital Strike
4) Target Acquired
5) Series of Shots
6) Followthrough
7) Snipe
8) Exit Cover
9) Enter Cover
10) Snipe
11) Followthrough
12) Ambush
13) Followthrough
14) Filler
1) Enter Cover
2) Series of shots
3) Follow through
4) Filler
5) Snipe
6) Leave Cover
7) Enter Cover
8) Snipe
9) Followthrough
10) Ambush
11) Followthrough
12) Filler
13) Leave Cover
1) Enter Cover
2) Target Acquired
3) Laze Target
4) Series of Shots
5) Followthrough
6) Sniper Volley
7) Series of Shots
8) Followthrough
9) Orbital Strike
10) Snipe
11) Leave Cover
12) Enter Cover
13) Snipe
14) Followthrough
15) Ambush
16) Followthrough

So lets get into the opening. When we enter cover, theres a 100% chance that our next Snipe will activate instantly. Great, don't use that yet. Why? Because I said so, and you will see why in a minute. Snapshot give us 10 seconds to activate that instant snipe, but it can't be reproced for 6 seconds. So we have to kill roughly 5 seconds. Because of this, we open with Orbital Strike or Shattershot. If you are the designated armor reducer, Shatter shot will be your first move. Otherwise use Orbital Strike. Immediately follow with Target Acquired and Series of shots, which will proc followthrough and give us Muzzle Fluting. [If your group has a Juggernaut or a Arsenal Merc, they have armor penetration in their rotation.]

After our first followthrough, we through out our instant snipe cheaper snipe, and leave cover. Its important here that you drop directly back into cover. You only have 1.5 seconds here to move, drop into cover, and activate snipe to make this worth while so make sure these are bound and you are mashing them. Once back into cover, pop off a second instant, cheaper snipe, which will clear followthrough, and give you two stacks of Zeroing Shots.

With those two stacks, we are good to pop off Ambush followed by followthrough. Again at this point, we have a few seconds to kill before we can enter cover again. For your first filler, generally you can add an explosive probe here or Orbital strike depending on your energy levels and whats off cooldown. Once that's done, you should be good to hop into your normal rotation.

It's important to note, that if you are having trouble with energy management or you are in a movement intensive fight, that you should just deal with the cast time of Snipe as it will give you time to recover on top of giving you an instant damaging ability on movement fights.

At the end of each rotation you have a filler that needs to be added. This can be rifle shot, if your energy is getting low, corrosive dart if its off, or explosive probe / orbital strike depending on your energy levels. Generally its not a good idea to drop orbital unless your Adrenaline probe is up to recover energy. I've found that I run into trouble if I drop Orbital at the end of a rotation.

The burst rotation is roughly the same, you just add in cooldowns in place of a filler, and add a second Series of shots. If you are quick with your button mashing, you should be able to get both off just before the cooldown for an instant snipe clears.

When the mob is below 30%, Takedown needs to be worked into the rotation, and can generally replace the filler ability.

Because this rotation is so heavily dependent on timing and key-bindings. I greatly recommend that you have your core abilities macroed to a key you can quickly and easily reach, specifically cover. The animation time of snipe and entering cover give very little room to play with making it activate faster then simply using the cast.

Comparison between extiting cover and staying in cover
Rotation video to come
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1.5 DPS Parses
Posted Apr 17, 13 · OP · Last edited May 6, 13
1.6 Chanlog

1.2 - 5/6/13 :: Added combat logs and relic info.
1.1 - 4/23/13 :: Updated the stat section with new information from formulas
1.0 - 4/17/13 :: First version of the guide created.
Posted Apr 17, 13 · OP · Last edited May 6, 13